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Defense Studies Institute
Defense Studies Institute (DSI)  publishes numerous helpful guidebooks and tutorials for prime defense contractors and small businesses. These easy-to-read guidebooks clarify and explain the government contracting process.  Our informative guidebooks can help your company get started with government contracting.  These guidebooks can also show you how to grow your volume of business with the Department of Defense (DoD) and with military bases located across the United States.
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Market and Sell to Military Bases and DoD
How to Successfully Bid on Contracts at Military Bases
Guidebooks & Tutorials
Government Prime Contractors and Small Business Subcontractors

  • Easy-to-understand steps for getting started with government contracting and winning your first contract
  • How to include “strong discriminators” in your proposals to make your company more competitive to win government contracts 
  • How to avoid making one of the 50 most common government contracting mistakes 
  • How to find an experienced, successful DoD proposal / bid development consultant  
  • Understanding the defense contract award selection process
  • Six ways DoD buys systems, materials, and services (and how your company can participate)
  • ​Guidance for becoming a subcontractor / vendor to prime government contractors
  • Forecasts for over 3,500 upcoming DoD business opportunities
  • The most important factor affecting your long-term success as a defense contractor
  • The Five Cardinal Rules for Defense Contractors  
  • Hundreds of points of contact at DoD installations and military bases for contractors and small businesses    
  • Directory of prime contractors looking for small business vendors and subcontractors